Continue the story. Follow the plan below.

Paragraph 1: introduction (4 students)
Paragraph 2: background information who? when? where? what? (6 students)
Paragraph 3: main information what? where? when? how? why? (7 students)
Paragraph 4: conclusion consequences, feelings (4 students)

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Had I known that before, I would have never decided to…

…to travel to Tunisia. I thought that it is very safety country and people are nice. But in fact proved that Tunisia is horrible.

Angelika T.
Hotels are filthy, food is hideous and people astonishing. I had met Mustafa and everything was complicated. All my life was changed. I was changed…

Iwona P.
The people are brought up in a completely different culture. They have other habits and approach to life.
The men behave very obtrusively, this is terrible especially for blondes :/

Patrycja G
I'm blonde. On each step I was hooked by a Men. On start it very pleased me, later it has became Awful. Everything it was other than I thought.

Olka B.
Local Culture has surprised as I can not go on local streets circle of group teenagers of quietly. Local region is beautiful. Admiration excites amazing sea and clean sand. i never been in that increlible place…..

Angelika B.
When I was in Tunisia the weather suprrised me, because I thing that there is sunny and heat. However one morning was clouds,airing and rainy. But this weather didn't interfered the realization my plans.

Natalia P
When the weather a bit improved I ate my breakfast, I took the most needed things and I went to tour the city. I wanted to buy some souvenirs and presents for family. At one point a rain started being falling down I wanted as soon as possible to be returned to a hotel. When I got the taxi on….

Iwona D-M
I noticed that the cork on the street, but did not want to get out of the car because it was horrible weather. Taxi driver tried to communicate with me, but I did not understand him, he looked so strangely as if he was some pervert. But I thought that might come out of the taxi and go to a restaurant next door, because I was hungry. I ordered coffee and suddenly I saw …

…huge man. He sat down by me and he tried to make contact, but I didn't understand him not a bit. He was beautiful, handsome, ideal of the guy. He wrote his telephone number down on a piece of paper for me. I thought that I would faint :) I would never suppose, that…

Justyna P

I didn't suppose that I would meet perfect guy for me in Tunisia. He amazed me. I called him that night and few days later we decided to meet again. Although his English wasn't the best, we could understand each other somehow. We were supposed to meet in the same restaurant. While I was waiting there, he came in, gave me a bunch of flowers and said…

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